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The Artist and the Swans
Pretty in Pink
The Couger and the Beautiful Lady
Art by Dian lll
Vintage Postcard
I Love Autumn
What I Believe
Inspired by Francine with Love
She Loves Pink
Paris Fashion Number-April 15-1923
The Foxy Blonde
I Dream of Balloons
Angels hiding Everywhere
Art by Dian lll
The Neon Cat
Red Rose
One Classy Redhead
Art by Dian lll
Suzette Marie
Golden Eye
Autumn just Beginning
Contest with her Red Hair...
Pop Art Contest
Beautiful Aunt Peggy
The Wolf
A Black Angel to the Rescue
Art by Dian lll
Oh to be a Little Girl
Beauty in Red Contest
Beautiful Indian Squaw
Sadness Contest
Art by Dian lll
She Adored Flowers

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