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Girl in the night

Hello! I'm from Russia, live in Moscow. I am glad all to see!
I love the photoshop, animation of pictures, a photocollage,and love to make clipart:-)
Important: disable adult filter)))

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By the sea
Daytime calm
Happy Easter
You are the best!
Не скучать!
Life in the Big city
Good morning!
Bonnie Tyler, favorite singer
Art Still Life Collage
Good morning
Moscow in the evening
Magic Christmas
Winter magic
Happy holidays-:)
Rainy weather
Failed on the beach:-)
happy halloween
Art collage
Hello, Summer!
Happy Halloween
Autumn. Meeting for two
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Nice summer day
Walking in the rain
I love you
positive sentiment
positive sentiment
Dancing in the Moonlight
Autumn. Meeting for two
Girl in the night
Evening Beach

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· 9 Октобар 2019
Привет, Люси, спасибо за пометки на моих марках. Хорошего дня. поцелуи
Femme feu Fantasy
· 22 Јануар 2019
спасибо за внимание, доброе отношение желаю вам здоровья и личного счастья в новую неделю с уважением Наталья
· 20 Јануар 2019
thank you for your vote. happy sunday. love berdina. ♥♥
halloween pikachu contest
· 20 Јануар 2019
thank you
Femme feu Fantasy
· 10 Децембар 2018
привет как появишься заходи в гости Наталья
· 30 Март 2018
Happy Easter with your loved ones! Thank you for voting!:)
· 19 Јануар 2018
Danke für dein Vote :) Habe noch ein schönen Tag :)
Kaz_Creations 21/08/2021
· 2 Јануар 2018
🌹Happy New Year My Friend,I Hope You had a Great Time🌹Sorry For The Delay,Happy Tuesday Love & Hugs Kaz:x
Kaz_Creations 21/08/2021
· 26 Децембар 2017
· 25 Децембар 2017
Thank you LusyAleks. ღ I wish you very Good Christmas, and Happy New Year 2018. ღ Kisses, and hugs. ღ Best regards, Marjatta

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