59 годинемрежи
Придружио 16 Мај 2017

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Balancing Yangtze dolphin
Puffing Gold Toad
Black faced honeycreeper
Relaxing Seal
Relaxing Penguin
Stunning Red Bird of Paradise
Standardwing bird of paradise pair
Dusky Dolphin
Dusky orange lory pair
Jumpy Guanaco
Love and hugs
Dolly the Sheep
Scratching carpincho
Happy Bamboo Harvester
Western White Tiger
Elegant Peryton
Munching Mountain Pygmy Possum
Bubbles the Chimp
Wise Sage Deer
Prideful Bald Eagle
Excited Green winged macaw
Sneaking American polecat
Feeding Ruby throated hummingbird pair
Horned screamer
Tufted titmouse pair
Creative Selfie Black Bear
Closed gift
closed purple
Closed Search light
Closed blue
Melanistic Indochinese Leopard
Elizabeth Vintage
Yawning Andean bear
Closed bunny
Congratulations - Spring / Easter

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· 4 Јул 2018
poubelle garde les tes notes de merde vu ce que tu fais
Ma  creation  30 08 2021
· 28 Јун 2018
J'en suis trés jalouse de vos 1/5 je vous les rends avec grand plaisir ! et je vous bannit a vie