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29 Јануар 2021
Miss you sweetheart , Rest In Peace ! Hope you are in a wonderful place . Love you always .


10 Октобар 2015
Rest in peace my dear friend. I miss you so much. You always will be in my heart. One day we will meet in Heaven.-

28 Септембар 2015
May you rest in peace my friend. You will be sadly missed by us all.-

27 Септембар 2015
you are truly going to be missed dear Joyce. May you Rest in peace my dear friend. <3-

9 Септембар 2015

20 Август 2015
How to insert frames on the background? I have a problem with this.

17 Август 2015
Hi Joycie, glad to see you here!!! can't wait to see your pics !!!-

16 Август 2015
Hey :) I'm so happy you found me. I added you too! Sad I can only leave one comment, I guess that's how it works...It's going to take forever to get use to this. I don't even know who to make my profile picture show up...Love you!!-

15 Август 2015
I'm glad to see you here!-

15 Август 2015
Hi Joyce glad we both found each other here this ought to be interesting. going to miss all the fantastic stuff we were able to do on blinee-

15 Август 2015
Hey Joycie! Yay. We're glad you are here. This is definitely not blingee and lacks so much of the awesomeness, but it was somewhere to come to. I'd rather have a place for everyone than just to watch people fall in despair.-

15 Август 2015
Hi Joycie, so here we meet again! ;)-

13 Август 2015
Hi Joycie, so happy we have another place to go! :-)-

13 Август 2015
Hello mi amor! Huggies!-

13 Август 2015

13 Август 2015
I found you! I found you! I found you!!!!! awesome sauce!-