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I myself am strange and unusual.

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Little Red
Forest Medicine Woman
The Twilight  Zone
In The Dark Woods...
Waiting for you...
Conversation in the clouds
The Dragon and the Lady
Halloween Owls
The Kraken!
Happy Halloween
Fallen Angel
Surreal Gothic
Dance My Love
Witch Fire
Blue Moon
Gothic Halloween
Burning Desire
Red Riding Hood
In the fields
love bites
Elf and Wolf
The Crow
Harvest Time
Autumn Witch
Vintage Harvest
Happy Halloween
Sacred Stairway
Tiger Fantasy
Moonlit Magic
Gothic Couple

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· 28 Октобар 2021
bonjour magnifique toutes tes créations
bravo amitié bonne journée @};- @};-
Manga boy ❤
· 18 Октобар 2021
hello welcome among my friends >:D<
Thank you very much for your feedback 🖤
have a good week and good monday :x
kisses ❤
.☆Ɠѳȶнɪƈ Ŧαɲȶαѕγ☆.。*✿
· 24 Мај 2021
I added you to my friends list! Welcome to my fantasy world and thanks a lot for friendship, comm, votes and rates!! :x >:D<

🌸Ӈαvє α Ɠʀєαт Ѡєєкʏ ꧁ღ❦ღ
⊱⊱23~05~21⊰⊰ ☆றɨʀʏ♡🌼
Roses  💙By CattyGirl💙
· 12 Мај 2021
>:D< :x Thank you so much for votes, notes, comments and visits @};- (*)
and thank you for friendship. may you and your loved ones stay safe >:D< ᓚᘏᗢ
Love forever
· 25 Април 2021
Ein ganz tolles Werk hast Du wieder gestaltet, meine Liebe. 5* dafür. Ich wünsche Dir einen sonnigen Sonntag und bleib gesund. Lieber Gruß, Rena >:D< :x
· 16 Април 2021
Hello, my friend! Of course I don't mind! I also added you to my friends list. Happy to make old friends with blingee. Have a great weekend!
Kirigiri Kyoko
· 16 Април 2021
Hello! Yes, it's fine! :x It's really nice to have you back!
I've added you back! >:D<
Roses  💙By CattyGirl💙
· 12 Новембар 2020
❣❣ Hi dear. I want to thank you for a wonderful friendship.
and thank you for votes, notes and always kind comments.
i wish you and your loved ones that you are safe out there.
hugs and kisses Chris/catty ❣❣
· 24 Јул 2020
You made us flay in a world of imagination and magic , you're great artist .
Bonjour ⛄🎄🎅🏻
· 6 Мај 2019
Bonjour !!
merci pour votre visite et bons commentaires,
Je vous salue chaleureusement, bonne semaine❤️💋

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